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There is something inside you that is crying out for a healthy lifestyle that fits in around your already rammed and busy life. You’re done with yoyo dieting, counting points, calories and other things your maths teacher would be proud of. You’re fed up of being ignored by the God of Pert Buttocks, eating crappy cardboard or drinking *magic shakes* that were supposed to turn you into Gwyneth. You’ve lost your shine, your zing, your pizzaz… your ‘you’. And you’re fed up of relying on sugar, caffeine and sneaky toilet cubicle naps to get you through the day. You’re DONE with the Lord of the Diets.

Well HURRAH you’re here my lovely! You’re in the right place to set things right – to learn healthier habits to create a more balanced version of you. More energy, less muffin top. More balance, less binge. More glow, less blaaaagh.

And how do I know that? Well,  I’ve been there, done that, got the Emotional Eating t-shirt in a size too small because I’d ‘lose the weight one day’. I’ve turned things around for me – from an emotional eating, IBS bloated crisp and M&M addict and all round stress-head to a much happier and healthier version of myself. And I’d love to work with you to help you find the healthy balance that fits in with your busy life using my killer-combo of nutritional advice, nourishment, coaching, cheerleading, love, and gentle kicks up the bum. Let’s get you your very own version of balance and jump start that inner superhero…


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