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Well hello there, fellow food-lovin’ falafels…

Thanks for stopping by to find out more about NutriBelle and me!

In short, I’m Bella, NutriBelle’s nutritional ninja, founder, chief blogger and (green) tea maker! I set up NutriBelle in January 2015, following my dream of helping people like me (and maybe like you?) find a way of making a healthy lifestyle part of the natural balance of life, to feel kickass not kicked in the ass.

Y’see sweetcheeks, as long as I can remember, I’ve had a mad passion for grub – I mean seriously – how fascinating is it that we can eat or drink something and it can actually fuel our bodies and give us the energy we need to think, move, breathe, sleep, fart… you name it! It powers it all! I think it’s amazing that food can make our bodies work… Or not work, in some cases. And I’ve been through plenty times in my life where I’ve definitely NOT let food work for me. Where I’ve got my priorities wrong and ended up feeling like a beached whale with a harpoon in my belly.

I was a chubby kid – cute on a 6 year old, not so nice for a teenager. Less fun in your twenties and beyond. Like so many people, I also have to deal with the S.O.B that is IBS – and irritable bowels make me an irritable bitch! I’ve been sucked in (and spat out!) by the fads and crazy weight loss schemes. Cabbage soup (peeeyoooo!), nothing but grapefruit, Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, Slimming World, lettuce leaves, rabbit food, every magazine diet going, shakes and juices (who needs real food anyway, right?)… you name it, I tried it. And I fell rapidly out of love with each and every single one of them when I realised that I had to give up my social life (whaddya mean no wine??), all nice things and anything that gave me pleasure. They all left me feeling out of kilter, tired, drained, sloooooow, brain fugged and grumpy. And don’t even get me STARTED on what they did to my hair, skin and nails.

The long and short of it is that I’m an emotional eater and can sit there mindlessly eating something that I thought of as ‘comfort food’ until I literally swell up to the size of a beach ball – and there ain’t nothing ‘comforting’ about that. And I was trapped in an almighty vicious diet cycle. Feel like sludgey, drudgey crap… eat sludgey, drudgey crap. Rinse (in treacle) and repeat. Where was the bouncy, frolicking superhero that I knew was lurking in there somewhere??

So, one day, another day of waking up feeling like an unhealthy worm, I decided I’d had enough. I was going to unleash my epic inner superhero no matter what! I had a HEAP of nutritional knowledge and insight that I’d been storing up for years, so I decided to formalise it and study to officially become a nutritional ninja. And along the way, I learned more about my body, the food I was fuelling it with and what my body loved and didn’t love. I got more and more glimpses of that inner superhero. And, years later, I’m still loving and nurturing her. My inner superhero ROCKS!

Don’t get me wrong… I still have my struggles with emotional eating. And there are days where I give in to the urge to faceplant into a vat of wine and a bucket of chips. But I have found my balance. MY version of healthy living. I am comfortable in my own skin, at a healthy and stable weight… and I’ve done it without giving up the things that I love most (that’s wine and crisps, if you need to know… I lost most of my sweet cravings along the way!)

Balance. Feeling healthy. Fitting into my clothes. Managing my bloat. Shiny, glowy, brightness! This inner superhero malarkey is AMAZING.

And I want to help YOU find yours. She’s lurking in there you know…

My approach is fad-free – I’m totally over NOT eating actual food. Real food, real meals and no fancy frills. I know that healthy eating needs to fit into our already hectic lives, and more importantly it needs to stick. It’s about finding the balance that works for you and realising that realistically we’re not going to want to stick to a rigidly healthy lifestyle all the time. That every now and then we need to unwind with a glass of wine, or enjoy a gloriously gluttonous meal. That’s what living is all about! But we need to make sure that it doesn’t leave us spiralling down the path of sludge, stodge and no-return.

So, if you could do with some help to map out your own path to a healthier lifestyle, to unleash your inner superhero onto the world, then book yo’ gorgeous self in for a free call so we can work out what will work for you ! I’d love to get you feeling better, brighter and more balanced, feeling like a Super Belle – the NutriBelle way.



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