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Did you know that most people gain between 2-5 kgs in December?

We spend the month of December shuffling from one feast to another. And a lot of us can eat nearly 9,000 calories on Christmas Day ALONE. Plus it can take us until Easter to shift the excess, especially as we start to get a little older. 

Feeling ‘festive’ is ever-so-slightly uncomfortable when your elasticated waistband is cutting into your tummy. The ‘season of goodwill’ swiftly turns into the ‘season of gotta-get-me-outta-these-pants’… and that’s scary (for you and everyone else!).

More festive factor without the waistband wars

Tis the season of giving, kindness and goodwill to all, right? So, let’s be kind to ourselves and kind to others:

a healthier Christmas for you

With plenty of easy recipes for healthy inspiration in the kitchen, plus health hacks and advice to help you make healthier choices, this book is designed to help you avoid piling on extra pounds

a brighter Christmas for them

50% of the profits from the sale of this book will go towards bringing a little more Christmas joy to the residents of Borradaile Trust Retirement Home in my home town of Marondera, Zimbabwe.

BUY YOUR COPY Of ‘Your Healthy(ish) Christmas’ NOW

A mixed community of ageing citizens”

Borradaile Trust was set up in the 1950s by Dorothy Bell and her husband, the Reverend Lionel Borradaile Bell as a retirement village for poor pensioners. The Trust has historically been financially supported by the local farming community, which sadly is now virtually non-existent, so every penny that can be spared to help keep the Trust doing a great job for its residents. There are 140 people living at the Trust – and although many of them retired with what should have been ample retirement funds, unfortunately the massive devaluation of the Zimbabwe dollar and its replacement with the US dollar, has left people in dire straits. So, with your help, we’re hoping to provide a little injection of joy and funds, and hopefully raise awareness of the plight of some of the more ‘experienced’ folk in Zimbabwe. You can find out more about the Trust here.

What’s in the book?

While the theme and design of the book have a festive feel, the recipes, advice and inspiration aren’t tied to one season. There are healthy and tasty meals to try – and they don’t take hours to make. There are healthy hacks to motivate you to make healthier choices and not find yourself emerging from the depths of a box of chocolates come January. There are healthy tips for life – not rocket science, no fads, just common sense and a little kick up the bum.

Who’s behind this?

I’m Bella – and, as the founder of NutriBelle, I wear many, many brightly coloured hats, but all with the aim of helping people take the hassle out of healthy living and find the tools to live a brighter, more balanced life. You can read more about me here. I am also the daughter of one of these so-called ‘ageing citizens’ (although I prefer to think of my darling mum as a sprightly sparkly thing…). Living a million miles away from ‘home’, it’s been a great comfort to think of my mum, and previously my late Aunt Madeline, as being safe and secure at Borradaile. So, doing what I can to help make sure that the Trust continues its good work is super important – a personal mission. I’m incredibly grateful to be able to tap into the Big Wide World through the magic of the internet to encourage others to help support this fantastic cause. So thank you, people of the Internet, for your support.


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