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Simple and easy lists of the foods that will make you feel *SUPER*, plus

my top 5 tips for an immediate health-injection in your diet

and MORE in this lovely *FREE* handbook.

Get your Kitchen Shizzle sizzling – so it’s a whole heap easier for you to find that Super YOU.
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You’re fed up of being ignored by The Lord of the Diets and the God of Pert Buttocks, but you can’t work out how to make the ‘healthy lifestyle’ malarkey fit in with your ker-ray-zee life. It’s tough, I know. And it feels easier to just throw yourself head first into a vat of cookie dough icecream and slowly but surely morph into a rather large whale. But you can’t do that… Nope, sorry – I won’t let you. Your health, vibrancy, skin, energy and skinny jeans are depending on you. Don’t let them down!

So, to help, I’ve pulled together some handy tools and tips, gadgets and gizmos to start your journey to a healthy, balanced lifestyle that works for you.

Super grub made easy:

A list of great, good and not-so-awesome foods to help you stock your kitchen with the right grub for a healthy lifestyle.

Top tips for feeding your inner superhero:

My personal healthy eating philosophy for simple, straight forward healthy living.

Gadgets and gizmos:

The kitchen superhero tools that I use every week in my kitchen to make healthy eating a (rather tasty) piece of cake.

My meal planner:

the ‘I’ve got this’ healthy eating template that I use every week in my own home, and that I use in my 4 week Superhero Kickstart programmes.

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