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DON’T MESS WITH MUM’S HEALTHY MOJO with these 5 Mother’s Day treats that won’t rock the healthy wagon*

This is for all us kids out there. Kids, and husbands and wives, and other folk who are responsible for making sure that the fabulous mums (in the UK at least) are given a bit of special LOVE this Sunday.

I got a message from a client of mine this week. She’s been working reeeeeally hard to find her healthy groove, to feel more fabulous in time for the Easter holidays, after a bit of time struggling to get on track. We’d reached the break through point though – she was feeling back in the swing of things, getting meals sorted, water bottles at the ready. And then I got this: “… hubby came home tonight with wine and profiteroles as an early Mother’s Day treat as he’s away this weekend. It’s a very sweet gesture, but I really would have preferred flowers…”

Don’t get me wrong – I’m DEFINITELY not suggesting that being healthy means NEVER EATING PROFITEROLES AGAIN. Oh hell no. And I’ve said on many occasion that if anyone tries to make me stop having wine on a regular basis I will honestly punch them in a very painful place. BUT – when you’ve worked so hard to get yourself into the right mindset… when you’re starting to FEEL good, after feeling sluggish and slug-like for a while… then *sometimes* being given a lovely bucket of sugar/booze filled ‘treats’ can feel a little like being forced to do 40 steps backwards. In stilettos. On a unicycle. Whilst juggling a tray full of mother’s guilt.

So, this post is the subtle reminder to everyone out there who might be buying a box of chocs for their mum. Have a think. Has your mum/wife been making an extra special effort to look after herself recently? Maybe exercising a bit more? Serving up plenty of veg? Making that extra bit of effort? Why not go out of your way to treat her to a little something that might actually help her carry on with the good work?

Here are a few little things that might be *slightly* more thoughtful pressies to give your mum this Mother’s Day. Because, if she’s anything like my lovely mum, and the AMAZING other mums I know, then she’s DAMN WELL WORTH IT every ounce of extra thought.

Try these lovely healthy gift-box snacks for Mother’s Day:

Bella’s gorgeous ginger balls.
Yes, I went there. I shared my ginger balls with you again. Because they are that good. And talking about ginger balls amuses me intensely. Whacking up a batch of these takes about 20 minutes. No baking involved. Minimal mess. And they’re fun to make! Trust me, I’ve made well over 600 of them in one day, bopping away to the 80s classic rock and thoroughly enjoyed myself. So you get to have fun AND give your mum some balls. BONZA.

Jasmine and Melissa’s Chocolate Orange Bar with Clementines
My mates Jaz and Mel – or, y’might know them as the *fabulous* Hemsley sisters – and okay, they’re not really my mates. I’ve had a chat with them on a train platform and fan-girled them a little. That’s it. They’re very lovely and very friendly. And I do love the simplicity and loveliness of these chocolate orange bars. They’re pretty similar to my own Bella’s Chocolate Orange Balls (they’re not Terry’s, they’re mine)… So I recommend giving these a go. Your mum will no doubt LOVE them.

My carrot n’ courgette bars of loveliness
I have to include these, because for me, if I’m going to have any kind of cakey goodness, it’s got to be carrot cake. And I came up with this recipe when I first started making healthy versions of things and FAFFING LOVED IT. And I still do. I don’t make it as often as I used to… maybe I’ll make an exception this weekend… 🙂

Natasha’s stuffed date…
People who have been on my Kickstart programme have been introduced to the absolute sheer delight of a stuffed date. Honestly, people’s first reactions to the concept can often be a little pornographic. And in this recipe, Natasha from Honestly Healthy, has taken it to another level and given it some serious ‘Mmmmmmm’ factor. Make some up for mum, give her the box, and then just let her be… sneak off and give her a little moment on her own. She’ll be grateful for the alone time, trust me. 😉

Zanna’s Cranberry and Dark Chocolate Cookies
The thing I love about these is their simplicity… and they are ready in under 20 minutes people!!! That’s some super speedy Mother’s Day gifting! You could switch up the cranberries for whatever dried fruit you might have to hand, and job’s a good’un! Thanks Zanna for sharing straight up, simple lush cookie gifting skills.


So, there are my top 5 super quick and easy gifts that you can make for yo’ mamma this Mother’s Day. I’d love to hear if you do actually make her any of these. And if you don’t, maybe get her a lovely bunch of spring flowers, or take her out for a country walk and lunch (with a relatively healthy option), or, for *real* brownie points, a spa date. Bliss…

Most of all, cherish her. Cos mums are the best. Well, as well as dads. And all the rest of the family rabble.

*I hate the fact that I used ‘wagon’ in the title of this. I’m on a bit of a mission to eradicate the blimmin’ thing, send it back to wagonsville for good! But sadly, it’s the vehicle of choice for most of us looking to live a healthier life, so it’s what you’ll recognise!

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