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So, we know that sugar is The Devil.

It makes us fat, grumpy, tired, wrinkly, old, bloated, chubby and spotty… with rotting teeth. Doesn’t paint a very nice picture at all, does it?

Yes, ‘They’ may make it all kinds of beautiful in the form of perfectly glazed doughnuts, tempting cakey treats and BISCUITS (you have to shout that in a high pitched tone, at the top of your voice… don’t ask why, just do it.)… But, like the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing, all that shiny, sticky, pretty dressing up is actually masking something that will leave you feeling crappy.

Sorry… I don’t mean to be a dull, boring ‘No more sweeties’ type… Here’s a gorgeous puppy in a mug to make you feel better…:

Friends again?

Okay, so without making you want to cry and run for the nearest Ben and Jerry’s factory to bathe in their vats of cookie dough (*slightly* unhygienic, #justsaying), I thought I’d offer a little assistance…

… You see, it’s not really your fault that you’re eating too much sugar (if you are, you might not be… or are you??).

You might be very good at avoiding the doughnuts, and maybe you’re a pro at ignoring the office biscuit tin (and not even noticing – that’s where the real skill comes in).

But sugar is far more sneaky than that… it hides in our grub in a million different ways. Chances are, if you’re eating something that comes in some form of packaging that isn’t its own skin (think fruit, veggies etc) then you’re probably eating sugar. Sauces (*ahem* husband, are you listening?), cereals, low-fat fruity yoghurts, salad dressings, chewing gum… even SUGAR-FREE things! YES. You heard me! Sugar-free products can be smugglers of sugary substances.

Up. Hill. Battle.

But FEAR NOT. I’ve pulled together a list (an incomplete one, sadly) of 65 names that sugar goes by. So, when you’re reading labels and trying to work out whether you’re getting too much of it, you have a better idea of what you’re looking for.

[convertkit form=5001930]

And if you want a little more help getting your sugar habit in check… just get in touch!

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